There are many different wood floors to choose from and generally can be broken down in to two categories which are solid wood or engineered wood.  Each come in a wide range of species and finishes and give a rich natural feel to any home. Whats the difference?

Solid wood flooring is a solid piece of wood plank that can be used over an existing floor or can replace existing floorboards depending on the thickness and Engineered flooring is basically a ply base with a real wood veneer that can be fitted over an existing floor.

Choosing the right flooring is made easy with our free home service, we bring the samples to you, check and measure and give you free expert advice.

We have a huge range of solid and engineered wood flooring to suit all budgets. From oiled oak to lacquered acacia we specialise in all species of wood floors. We always recommend a free home visit when choosing a real wooden floor to make sure that the wood you choose is the right one to suit your home.


Key Benefits

Enjoy peace of mind by letting the professionals do the job for you

  We can help to increase the value of your property
  We are experts in both residential and commercial flooring
  We take pride in the work we do. We strive to finish each job in time and in budget
  Our fitters are fully insured for your safety and ours
  Our fitters are professionally trained Quickstep installers.